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Taking holiday on the picturesque island of Koh Samui — a beautiful location just an hour's flight from Bangkok — is made all the more perfect when staying in one of the many superb villas that are open to rent. Whether you are a couple seeking romantic seclusion for your wedding or vacation getaway, or coming with a group of friends or family, villa life is splendid and affordable. Private ocean-front residences give you beach access for swimming anytime in Samui's placid waters, or you can choose a location close to active Walking Street festivities that take place regularly in the island's lovely village centres.

All home locations are popular, thanks to their private and comfortable facilities. Intelligent design elements make visitors feel like they are at home in a cozy setting, and keep long-stay residents aware of their fabulous lifestyle and optimum living setting. Weather on the island is usually warm and balmy, often with sea breezes gracing the land that is studded plentifully with coconut trees - and coconuts are a large part of island life. Shops that sell them for crafts show the many ways coconuts can be carved and decorated to create humorous as well as artistic additions to any home here, or taken back to a vacationer's original country for display.

Coconut food products are plentiful in most restaurants and food shops. The coconut's meat or milk is included in many local drinks and food dishes, as it is a staple of the land's people. It is also considered a nutritional and healthy food to consume, as it makes the skin and hair more beautiful. Some 2 million coconuts are gathered monthly off of Samui's trees and sent to Bangkok. Driving around Koh Samui provides a daily dose of viewing thousands of coconut palm trees, and an occasional buffalo. The latter are prized creatures placed in competition for their strength and power, yielding huge amounts of cash to the winner.

Of course, no country or vacation spot is perfect, so the weather can vary to rain a bit, just as the politics of Thailand are known to vary into occasional upheaval or wild extreme. But, these are rare events, and the country's people, like its many institutions, hold steadiness and calm as a valuable standard. So, it is best to make holiday residence plans and certainly home-buying decisions with a known and respected professional developer like Horizon Homes. Their experience with local and national Thai laws and regulations means visitors and permanent residents staying in their villas will receive the best treatment from area people that take care of the properties, safeguard residents, provide upkeep to grounds and homes and do required maintenance.

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