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Bangkok Airways Reduces Price of Fares

Bangkok Airways has reduced the fare of its Bangkok-Samui’s Early Bird and Night Owl promotion down to 2,000 Baht per sector.

The airline has also added 7 other flights to the promotion in an attempt to boost tourism during what is now traditionally peak season in Thailand. The “Early Bird and Night Owl” was launched to offer a special rate to passengers who chose to fly between Bangkok and Samui on either the first or the last flight of the day.

The new fare of 2,000 Baht per sector is exclusive of airport tax, fuel surcharge and travel insurance.

The associated flights from Bangkok include PG103 which leaves at 06.00 hrs, PG119 leaves at 07:00 hrs, PG121 leaves at 07:30 hrs, PG169 leaves at 16:30 hrs and PG199 leaves at 21:00 hrs.

From Samui PG100 leaves at 06.00 hrs, PG104 leaves at 07:45 hrs, PG108 leaves at 08:20 hrs, PG122 leaves at 09:15 hrs, PG168 leaves at 17:15 hrs and PG962 leaves at 22:00 hrs.

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