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Koh Samui Property News Provided By Horizon Homes Real Estate Co

Koh Samui Villas Phase 1 Complete

Horizons Koh Samui Villas Enter Phase 1 Complete
12 March, 07 -The first eight Koh Samui Garden Villas due for completion in early January, with more than half sold! Horizons Koh Samui Villas has been underway for more than 4 months and already the development is over 70% sold! Quite

Great Times Ahead For Horizons Villas On Koh Samui

Luxury Koh Samui Garden Villas Take Shape
With ‘2006’ coming to an end Horizon Villas is looking forward to the start of the new year.With the Garden Villas taking shape, Horizon Villas is very optimistic about the future. The new year brings a foreign investor who will buy 22

Horizons Koh Samui Villas Roofs Are Up

Horizons Koh Samui Villas Roofs are Raised
Just as planned Horizon Villas two Garden Villas roofs are up. The Garden Villas are starting to take shape and already the Gluaymai Garden Villa sold at 14.5 million THB. With such great investment returns and the property market appreciating by 25%, per year,

One Month Into The Koh Samui Villa Development

One Month Into The Koh Samui Villa Development
Horizon Villas is now a month into construction. And you can already see what fantastic view these Garden Villas will have. Profmil, Horizon Homes’ construction company, has informed us that by then end of October the Garden Villas will already be starting

Horizon Homes Koh Samui Villa Development Starts

Horizon Homes Koh Samui Villa Development Starts
The construction of two Garden Villas show homes for the development, Horizon Villas, has begun. "We are very excited to be underway with the project," stated Alex Armitage. "its fantastic to see all the hard work and effort is beginning to evolve!" Horizon Villas

Koh Samui Tourist Arrivals

Koh Samui’s growing tourist arrivals
Khun Panu Woramit, the head of the Tourism Authority of Thailand in Koh Samui says that tourism figures showed an overall increase of 23% in 2005 to over 900,000 visitors, and that the Italian and Canadian markets represented the most significant rise in visitor numbers

Suvarnabhumi Airport

Thailand’s new airport at Suvarnabhumi
The new Suvarnabhumi Airport, which is due to replace the overloaded and unexpandable Bangkok International Airport (Don Muang), is scheduled to open in September 2006.
The construction of the new Suvarnabhumi airport began in January 2002 and is located 30km east of Bangkok. The current major international

Koh Samui Airport

The Koh Samui Airport
Bangkok Airways recently began direct flights between Samui and Hong Kong. Expatriates working in this city account for more than half of Phuket’s buyer group and many are now gaining interest in Samui especially after Dragon Air and Thai Airways cancelled their direct flights from Hong Kong

Koh Samui Healthcare

International healthcare on Koh Samui
Koh Samui has a strong image as a health hub in the region and every year this industry brings hundreds of thousands of people to her shores. Much as with the Phuket property scene, this invaluable exposure could well benefit the Samui property market.
The addition of

Koh Samui Lifestyle

The Koh Samui Lifestyle
The island of Koh Samui has slowly transformed from a budget-backpacker resort to a high-end center of healing yet at this stage of its development, Koh Samui is still an idyllic tropical paradise; quaint and charming with a low-key lifestyle. There are white sand beaches, aquamarine seas,