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Koh Samui Property News Provided By Horizon Homes Real Estate Co

Koh Samui Costs

Cost of living on Koh Samui
People can holiday or retire in a villa with private pool, cook, maid and driver at an average cost of living about a third of the UK prices. From a quaint bungalow style property just minutes from the beach to an exclusive seaside villa, Koh

Commercial Samui Property

Growth in Koh Samui commercial property
Last year saw substantial growth in the commercial property sector, with a number of new shopping centers set to open, improving retail services and facilities around the island considerably.
Many local market commentators still cite the arrival of the Tesco Lotus superstore three years ago

Samui Land, Build Costs

Land and build costs on Koh Samui Koh Samui has prime real estate available for purchase at prices much lower than similar destinations. Build costs are also 15-25% less costly.

Rising Prices At Home

Rising real estate prices at home
A lot of people have benefited from soaring real estate prices in their home country which has given them a large amount of equity. People realize that this equity is largely relative if they were to release this money and spend it within their home

Real Estate Outlook

Real Estate Outlook for Thailand
Thailand Real Estate & Property Development has a huge appeal for foreigners wishing to purchase investment, holiday and retirement properties, partly due to favorable ex­change rates, low building costs, relative low cost of living and the thriving tourist market.

Real Estate Summary

Thailand real estate summary
Resort type property developments in Koh Chang, Hua Hin, Pattaya and Samui will continue to enjoy robust growth and also create a lot of new opportunities for the coming year for both developer and investor alike as foreigners continue to purchase properties.
Cheap properties within idyllic holiday resorts

Real Estate Overview

Thailand real estate information
One of the main casualties of the economic crisis in the late 1990s was the housing market. Many development projects were abandoned midway through construction in Bangkok, resulting in them being named ‘ghost-scrapers’. Prior to the crash, the housing market had been booming, but as a result

Foreign National Investment

Real estate investment by foreign nationals
Most foreign nationals who purchase a property or Thailand real estate have previously vacated here, and have subsequently fallen in love with Thailand’s many charms, affordability and relaxed way of life.
It is therefore important when looking at the future potential of

Investment Strength

Positive trends in the Thailand investment market
BMI’s core forecast is for regional private consumption to pick up over the next two to three years, despite a tapering of real GDP growth. The aggregation of data for eight key regional economies (Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, Thailand, South Korea, Japan,

Investment Environment

The Thai Baht investment environment
The Thai baht has held up rather well in recent months, despite the rise in foreign investor risk aversion caused by a tightening of monetary policy. 
Exchange rate a mild constraint on Thailand’s Baht
In March 2006, the local currency was trading