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Koh Samui Pool Villas

Koh Samui is located towards the southern tip of Thailand, and as such, although not quite there, it is incredibly close to the equator. This tends to make it very hot for most of the year. One of the impacts this has, as with any holiday destinations that have

Villas Koh Samui

Of course while owning a villa in Koh Samui in very desirable, business in Thailand is not always straightforward. There is legislation that can make it tricky for foreign nationals to own land in Thailand. Oddly owning the villa itself is no problem, but the land is slightly different. It

Koh Samui Land

As a large Island Samui has a wide variety of land available. The main areas of note that contain most of the population are spread out, but very different in nature. On the west coast there is Nathon, the main town – capitol if you like – which is

Progress Of 37S

45 days into the build 37S is well on schedule. We will be starting the concrete flooring in the next week. The water proof cement wall will also have a water proof membrane rapped around it to make it even more water resistant.    

Horizon Villas Start The Building Of 37S

In June We started the building on plot 37S we hope to have the villa complete by the
turn of the year.
This is a new design for Horizon which will allow for good sea views incorporated into 290sqm villa.
The new design will bring into play some interesting building

Horizon Villas Video Presentation

If you have ever wanted to get more familiar with Horizon Villas, the following video presentation will give you an interesting insight into our development. Please browse the below web link:

Horizon Villas Community

Horizon Villas Community
Horizon Villas development is proud to announce the latest completion of its fourteen villa. The site now boasts a total of 5 garden villas and 9 sea view villas, with one additional villa in each phase to be completed shortly. Villas currently feature between

Garden Villas Second Phase

After having successfully sold out the first phase of our garden villas, we are now launching the second phase and we have already had great response from clients. Infrastructure on the 2nd phase is expected to be completed within the next 6 weeks

Horizon Villas Construction Update

Until now we had 10 villas completed on the development (5 sea view villas and 5 garden villas), 6 other ones are under construction and 2 further ones are still in design stages. We still have a few great sea view plots to offer.