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Notre mission

Chez Horizon Homes, nous reconnaissons que l’investisseur immobilier de Koh Samui et l’acheteur de villas de luxe d’aujourd’hui exigent la […]

5 Mar 2008 0

Histoire de Koh Samui

Koh Samui a été découverte il y a quelques centaines d’années comme un lieu de rencontre pour les marchands de […]

2 Mar 2008 0

Buy Into Property Funds

Stockbrokers recommend investors buy into Thailand and Koh Samui property funds prior to the widely expected government announcement that capital control measures will be scrapped.

25 Fév 2008 0

Thailand Tourism Industry

Thailand benefits from a reputation as one of the most attractive countries in the region, with several tourism subsectors, particularly beach tourism, having developed a strong brand image.

16 Fév 2008 0

Koh Phangan Airport

Koh Phangan. Suratthani Deputy Gov. Thawatchai Toetphaothai has told reporters that the new airport project would be revived after it was suspended by the previous government. He explained that with Bangkok Airways having increased the airfares, tourism on Koh Samui and neighboring islands might be affected badly.

16 Fév 2008 0