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New Family Fun Centre Opens

A new fun center, with live music every Sunday afternoon until early evening, opened in Bang Po   recently. Babylon’s premiered Aug. 10 with an excellent concert featuring the Jazz 4 U band. Since then, the band has performed at Babylon every Sunday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. and from 7:30 p.m. onwards. The fun center comes alive every Sunday from 1 to 9 p.m. with family activities, Thai and western food, a full bar and great music. Island residents Juanita Mosley-Williams and Nicole Maki said Babylon was a great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.  The band and its vocalist, they said, were “simply terrific.” “The quality of the band and the vocalist was what you’d expect to find at one of the 5-Star resorts on Samui. We had a fantastic time, it was much more than we expected and we plan to return and bring our partners next time,” Juanita said.

Admission at Babylon is Bt300 for adults.  Children under 16 years old are free.  The fee covers the buffet and board games where teenagers can play with their parents).

Younger children can play at Babylon’s Castle World Air and Sand Play Ground. A staff looks after the children in the playground, allowing parents to relax and enjoy.

A husband-and-wife resident of the island recently posted their photos, along with those of their two children, and comments on their blog, saying: “So many times we wondered where we could go with the children during weekends and we always ended up driving around the island and go to the beach. Babylon is offering a new option.  It’s also a great place to have a children’s birthday party.

During the Sunday event, adults can enjoy a 30-minute foot massage and drinks at an on-site Cocktail Lounge.

Babylon said a children’s version of the American Idol singing competition is also being planned. Babylon can be seen from the Ring Road before going up the hill towards the Four Seasons Resort.

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