Luxury Villas & Property for Sale and Rent in Koh Samui, Thailand

Samui Villas for holiday rental

Out of the Ordinary

One of the strongest trends in the travel industry at the moment is the need for bespoke experiences. As people travel more and see more places, it takes more to impress them and everywhere you go, travel service providers increasingly try to give people something out of the ordinary, something to remember and talk to friends and family about. Koh Samui is no different and the latest trend there is in private villa holidays, which offer an alternative to more traditional resort accommodation, with privacy and personal services at the fore.

Top of the Ladder

One of the things people often mention first when asked why they choose to stay in a private villa is the added sense of privacy and exclusivity that villas afford. There’s no unfamiliar faces to disturb your morning coffee, no children splashing around in the pool – other than your own, perhaps. And as the use of private villas become increasingly popular and developers branch out, the choice of villa designs on offer increases and the rates actually go down. In many cases, if travelling together in a group, renting a private villa may even be cheaper than taking out several rooms in a hotel or resort.

No Compromise on Quality

What about the services and amenities you ask? You don’t have to compromise if you don’t want to. Some of the most exclusive villas on Koh Samui top even the five star hotels when it comes to facilities and hospitality. What about having your own private jacuzzi on your balcony or a private gym in he basement? Want to watch the latest Hollywood movies but can’t be bothered to go to the cinema? Why not watch it in your own movie screening room where the DVD library is updated regularly with all the latest releases? Just because you’re not staying in a five star hotel doesn’t mean you have to miss out on luxury and comfort.

Perfect Events

Private villas also lend themselves perfectly to hosting events of any kind. Some villas were even built specifically for the purpose, with large gathering areas or several bedrooms so that you can bring together all your closest family and friends for a special birthday celebration or a memorable wedding. Some companies also use private villas for company outings or functions, or to impress an important client. Your imagination is the only limit and some villas even have fully trained staff such as maids, a chef and event planners.

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