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Thailand Has Investment Potential

Thai real estate investment is particularly popular in the Southeast Asian market, especially from locations such as Hong Kong and Singapore. Thailand’s real estate investment market has also been considered as the primary choice of China’s high net worth citizens. In recent years, a large middle class has developed in the country, and they have set their sights on overseas investments. Thai real estate can be an affordable option for many looking to add to their investment portfolio.

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Investment Returns

The vast majority of people buying property in Thailand are looking for a positive return on investment. “Low house prices, high returns” are the key selling points for Thai real estate, sometimes with a return on capital investment of over 10%, and guaranteed rental returns of around 5% – 7%, far higher than the Chinese domestic market at 2%.

Study Abroad

Thailand has the largest number of international schools in Southeast Asia, but perhaps most importantly, tuition is fairly cheap compared to that of China, which attracts a large number of parents and students to study here every year. Many parents purchase real estate for their children to study in Thailand.

Medical Tourism

Thailand’s pleasant climate, low cost of living, high quality medical services, tourism resources, and the retirement visa system have already become a retirement destination for retirees in various countries. Nowadays, the proportion of retirees who are foreigners in Thailand is gradually increasing.

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