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Investing in Koh Samui

Why invest in Samui?

Koh Samui is unique as an economy in that it is largely unaffected by external events due to its worldwide appeal as a tourist destination and its appeal as a place to reside. Koh Samui is a place that people like to escape to if they look for a few weeks in a tropical, relaxing environment or if they are looking for that dream location to move to on a more permanent basis.

Tourism and Real Estate in Thailand

Most “foreigners” who purchase a property within Samui have previously enjoyed holidays here, and have subsequently fallen in love with Samui’s many charms, affordability and relaxed way of life.

Land Banking in Thailand

Koh Samui land banking is a fantastic long term Thailand real estate investment. There is no building involved therefore making it hassle free. With land prices raising by a minimum of 20% a year in the right areas of the island it can offer the potential of very high returns.

Development Investment

Koh Samui has experienced something of a real estate boom in recent years with a diverse group of investors from Europe, Australia, Russia and the Middle East looking to the island for healthy investments beyond the troubled markets of the US and Europe.


Koh Samui Property Investment

Positioned between the financial powerhouses of Singapore and Hong Kong and within a reasonable flight time for the Middle East, Koh Samui attracts large numbers of high flying business executives and expatriate workers who all are looking for somewhere safe to invest.

Invest in Koh Samui for Great Returns

The general consensus amongst the Koh Samui real estate agents and developers is that a realistic figure of 15% + ROI (return on investment) is achievable through Samui’s holiday rentals.


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