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Thailand Real Estate Taxes and Fees

Transfer Tax
Thailand’s current residential property transfer tax is 2% of the total price, which is generally shared by both buyers and sellers 50/50.

Special Business Tax
The special business tax is 3.3%. Those who have owned the property for more than 5 years, or whose account has been on the property for

Thailand Has Investment Potential

Thai real estate investment is particularly popular in the Southeast Asian market, especially from locations such as Hong Kong and Singapore. Thailand’s real estate investment market has also been considered as the primary choice of China’s high net worth citizens. In recent years, a large middle class has developed in

Horizon Homes Samui Has A New Office

After 12 years located in our original office in Choeng Mon near the Sala Samui Resort, we decided it was time for us to move to a newer more modern office with better parking facilities. The new office is located 650 meters from the old office towards Plai Laem and

Horizon Homes Analyzes Thailand’s Investment Advantages

Buying a house in Thailand is not the same as in China (70-year property rights). Property rights in Thailand are freehold and can be inherited from generation to generation. Non-Thai nationals can purchase apartments, but 51% of the property of the entire apartment building is in the hands of Thai

Samui Villas: Investment market and potential returns

A standard villa in Koh Samui consists of three bedrooms on a hillside with a sea view, infinity pool and covers an area of about 300 square meters. The price is generally about three or four million Chinese Yuan. If it is a beachfront villa, you could expect the price

Listen To The Sound Of The Sea Breeze And Learn About Thai Real Estate

When people think of Thailand, they often think of tall coconut trees, beautiful beaches, and historical tourist attractions. But Thailand is not just a tourist paradise, it is also unique in real estate opportunities. In recent years, Thai-style real estate has become very popular in landscape design and interior decoration.

It’s Easy For Foreigners to Own Real Estate in Thailand

There are two ways for foreigners to buy property in Thailand. The first is leasing a piece of land or a villa for a long period of time. The second is purchasing villas or land through the registration of a company in Thailand.

Long Term Lease
In Thailand, renting a piece of

Thailand Property Investment For Foreigners

There are two types of property that can be purchased in Thailand by foreigners, one being villas and the other condos.  In this article, Horizon Homes will explain the basic information you need to know before you buy a condominium unit.
All Fine Decoration
In Thailand, the advantage of buying an off-plan