Luxury Villas & Property for Sale and Rent in Koh Samui, Thailand

Case Study Villa Mandala


Brief: Turn Key Build
Start: July 2010
Finish: July 2012
Size: 524 m2
Bedrooms: 4
Build cost: 20,960,000 THB

This villa (Villa 17S) was a 4 bedroom luxury villa built over two floors. The land was narrow, so a lot of planning was required in terms of how to shape the development within the area, while incorporating the best possible views. At over 550 sq. meters of built up area, it was of average size for our construction company.

With views from the property being one of the client’s main concerns, we had to make sure all rooms had a view they’d be happy with, and that the pool had the best views possible as well. To achieve this, Horizon Construction incorporated bi-folding doors in the kitchen and living room. This also allowed for a party area between the kitchen and living room, and allowed the area to be fully open when the customer wanted it but closed up when the evenings or weather demanded.


The highest quality materials were used throughout. The whole terrace is travertine marble, but sand blasted so it’s safe getting in and out of the pool. The same marble runs through the villa, in the bathrooms and the swimming pool, giving the property a uniform style throughout.

We used concrete roof tiles which provide excellent heat insulation, and a cellular beam structure that is assembled quickly and lasts for decades. We also added an extra membrane under the roof tiles and further insulation on top of the gypsum ceiling to give added protection from the weather. This helps in reducing the need for aircon, saving the customers money.

The structure is a concrete beam and column design. With bricks between the columns of 30cm, all our villas are built this way, as it is, in our view, the quickest and strongest way to build a villa on Koh Samui. In the past, we have built villas in other ways but this is our preferred option moving forward. The walls are thick, which helps with sound insulation and strength, but as they are lightweight, it means they are easy to install and cause less weight on the structural beams.

The villa also has a 10,000-liter water tank, separate from the main tank, which collects rain water that can be used for the garden. This also saves the owner money on their water bills and helps keep the villa as eco-friendly as possible.

Halfway through the build, the original buyer was unable to make the payment, and construction had to be stopped. Our solution was to waterproof the villa, and wait until the villa was sold to a new owner, at which point we could carry on. This added about a year to the construction time, but we managed to get it finished within budget, even with the stoppage.


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