Koh Samui Property Investment

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Positioned between the financial powerhouses of Singapore and Hong Kong and within a reasonable flight time for the Middle East, Koh Samui attracts large numbers of high flying business executives and expatriate workers who all are looking for somewhere safe to invest. Koh Samui not only brings them a quality of home that simply would not be feasible in their country of residence but also an environment where they can truly relax with the family and get away from the stresses of the “Rat Race”.

Most people nowadays realize that property acquisition is one of the safest investments available, which is why investors are flocking to take advantage of the blooming Koh Samui property market to spend their hard earned bonuses and tax free earnings.

Property Strength Koh Samui

Investment into the Samui property market is reportedly increasing at approximately 20% per year. The next few years should see the island market bloom as Samui is still relatively undeveloped compared to other seaside resorts like Pattaya and Phuket, which have been undergoing high development for many years now and subsequently are edging towards their property price pinnacle.

This brings a unique quality to property investments in Koh Samui as the island has thus far retained its tropical island feeling which in turn will attract more future investment long into the future.

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