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Koh Samui Property Building Guide

In order to build property on Koh Samui you must first obtain a building permit from the municipality office and your Koh Samui property must meet certain requirements depending on the location of the land on which you wish to build.

There are 4 defined areas for land depending on its distance from the beach.


Building Property on Koh Samui  – Land Stage 1
Land up to 10 metres from the beach. The law states that no construction is permitted within this area.

Building Property on Koh Samui – Land Stage 2
Land up to 50 metres from the beach . Within this area you are permitted to construct a single storey building only. It’s height cannot exceed 6 metres (including the roof) and the building cannot exceed the maximum allowed area of 75 Square Metres.

Building Property on Koh Samui – Land Stage 3
Land up to 200 metres from the beach . Within this area you are permitted to build up to a maximum height of 12 metres (including the roof). the maximum allowed size is 2000 Square metres.

Building Property on Samui – Land Stage 4
Land located more than 200 metres from the beach. Within this area, property on Koh Samui of up to 12 metres in height (including the roof) can be constructed. In addition , all buildings must now be constructed with peaked roofs , flat roofs are only allowed to cover  20 % of the roof.

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