Long the island of choice for many of Thailand’s savvy destination tourists, Koh Samui has become even more of a global draw in recent years. The island has seen many improvements to its infrastructure, environmental considerations and quality of accommodation. The island Ring Road serves all the key beaches and a new road known as Soi 1, also now makes crossing the island over its lovely mountains much easier. Add to this the widespread use of high quality building materials for bungalows, apartments, hotel rooms and villas – at least, in the ones built by mindful developers – and you have an attractive investment prospect.

Of course, the ever-present “sabai” or relaxed attitude of the island’s residents also adds appeal for visitors and buyers. This demeanor is part of Thai culture, and very much part of the experience on Koh Samui, along with the tropical breezes, tranquil beaches and endless views of the Gulf of Thailand.

Holiday-goers enjoy myriad choices for places to stay on the island. Some are drawn to villages like Choeng Mon, Plai Laem and the southern beaches of Taling Ngam and Lipa Noi because of the traditional island feel, which is complemented by modern villas and comfortable homes interspersed amongst fishermen’s homes and local restaurants. The more densely populated, popular areas of Chaweng and Lamai boats more obvious tourist attractions such as street side stalls, international restaurants and shopping malls. In fact, the island’s new Central Festival mall is getting a lot of attention thanks to the range of top quality clothing, cuisine and entertainment on offer to shoppers.

The range of villas and apartments available to foreign buyers on Samui is also growing every year and choices abound in terms of where and how you wake up, what you see each day and the evening views through your windows. Koh Samui’s stunning views are legendary, with the ocean and forested mountains providing an breathtaking backdrop for residents and long stay guests, even when they live a short drive from one of the island’s busy shopping and nightlife areas. Of course, investing in a foreign land requires expert help and advice, which is why it’s essential to rent and buy from a top-quality developer and estate agent. Horizon Homes is both, and the company has been offering unique and varied property across the island for several years. The firm is known for quality, not only in terms of design and building materials, but also property management and buyer services.