All About Muay Thai

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If you are a martial arts enthusiast or practitioner for that matter, then expand your horizons by visiting Thailand and witness Muay Thai boxing first hand. Considered as the country’s national sport, many may consider it a bloody exercise, but it is first and foremost a showcase of integrity, honour, and discipline. The sport in itself is deeply embedded in the people’s culture. A long history of perpetual invasions from neighbouring countries while the nation was still in the process of forming forced the Thai people into developing ways of defending themselves. They employed hand-to-hand combat skills by utilising an arsenal of eight weapons namely: hands, feet, elbows, and knees. Aside from being used as a practical fighting technique, it has now evolved into a sporting event wherein spectators and awards are involved. A lot of the times, you will even witness frenzied betting during matches or tournaments. More important, Muay Thai has become an alternative way for some to achieve and maintain fitness.

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