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Case Study Semi-Detached Villa


Brief: Two story home. All 3 rooms in the house to have a view with small pool.
Start: July 2016
Finish: May 2017
Size: 212 m2
Build cost: 10,000,000 THB

The total built up area of the two villas is 424 m2. These are semidetached villas on a sloping plot. The client’s requirements were to make sure all the bedrooms had a good view, and that the villas had pool and great living facilities, along with a reasonable price.

We build the structures in the same way as Villa 17S: concrete beams and columns with lightweight bricks in between the columns. The difference with this villa was ensuring the dividing wall was well insulated between the two buildings. To help with this, we used to 20cm bricks and put insulation between these dividing walls.


We had to build smaller pools than we normally do, and to make sure they would not have any water leaking issues, we used Pebble Tec, so the pools were fully sealed. This material creates an additional waterproofing solution for the pool, like a second concrete skin. The effect is very nice and it only takes five days to install.

We make sure all the tiles we use on the terraces and bathrooms are non-slip so that there can be no accidents. To provide a nice interior finish, we use Lanko materials on all the interior walls, which makes them look smooth. This means that if there are any minor plaster cracks, or you want to move a picture and have to repair the screw holes, it is easily fixed and shows no evidence of damage or repair.

We also used LED lights throughout the villas, as well as inverter aircon units to reduce the electrical costs to the owners.

All three bedrooms ended up with stunning views, as did the living rooms, as you can see from the pictures.


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