Doing this is a creative way to spruce up your house without necessarily opting for a major home renovation project. With just a little work and a lot of creativity, you can inject an Eastern feel into your sleeping space. The following tips can be of definite help to you. As walls generally set the overall tone in most rooms, you can paint these surfaces in colours that give off an Asian feel. For instance, red, orange, and chocolate-brown hues would be good options.

In addition, you can install various Eastern-inspired furniture pieces in your bedroom. Some examples would be a platform bed that is set up really close to the floor, a bookcase that looks like a ladder, and closets that feature antique patterns.

Furthermore, you should not forget about the room’s decorations and accents. For instance, rice paper lanterns and scrolls can be hung up on the walls. Additionally, having a few bamboo plants and bonsai trees can help bring out a feeling of Asia in your room.

These are just some suggestions which you can follow when you want to redesign a bedroom.