International healthcare on Koh Samui

Koh Samui has a strong image as a health hub in the region and every year this industry brings hundreds of thousands of people to her shores. Much as with the Phuket property scene, this invaluable exposure could well benefit the Samui property market.

The addition of the Bangkok-Samui Hospital has also raised the island’s profile. As a member of the rapidly expanding ‘Bangkok Hospital network of Thailand’, Bangkok Samui hospital is a brand new, high quality International hospital offering a comprehensive range of medical treatments and medical technology. The international medical center has multi­lingual staff and the company also has longstanding partnerships with most of the world’s premier insurance companies.

Other hospitals on the island which offer a broad range of services and high standards are, Samui International Hospital, Thai International Hospital and the Bandon International Private Hospital. With this clean and healthy image, the is­land is now attracting an older and wealthier set of visitors from Europe and North America