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As a large Island Samui has a wide variety of land available. The main areas of note that contain most of the population are spread out, but very different in nature. On the west coast there is Nathon, the main town – capitol if you like – which is the main port to go to the mainland by ferry and is also the main hub of officialdom, containing all the major regional and government establishments – immigration, the main police station etc. Although Nathon remains a small place that is relatively quiet and is not commercialised as other more tourist centered areas are. This area is predominantly inhabited by Thais. There are more and more development s moving into this area in order to find more of the real Thailand and more secluded locations. This is aided by the nearby facilities (there is a Tesco in Nathon) and virgin land overlooking places such as Angthong Marine Park. All this along with secluded beaches. The main tourist areas have grown up around what were originally considered the finest beaches on the Island.

The main area being Cheweng where most of the liveliest nightlife can be found. Cheweng is virtually directly opposite Nathon but on the East of the island. South of Cheweng is the next busiest resort location Lamai, and to the north a quieter and smaller beach bay area, Choeng Mon, which combines relative seclusion with easy access to nightlife and busier locations – the location of Horizon Homes, and our development. All these areas are connected by a ring-road round the island, although you must leave the ring-road in order to get to Choeng Mon. There are some great beach areas running across the north of the island, and smaller towns such as Maenam. Which while offering typically great beaches, probably have a little less to offer for amenities and restaurants etc?

The south of the island offers much quieter un-spoilt areas that lie in-between the journey from Lamai to Nathon, completing the circumnavigation of the island. Inland is mountainous and mainly untouched.

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