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The property sector on Koh Samui has experienced rapid growth in recent years with new developers and corporations moving in. The booming market has resulted in healthy competition with improved quality of construction and services for the benefit of prospective buyers who have a wide range of choices available.

Good infrastructure and easy access has ensured a steady flow of capital to the island, which is serviced by an international airport allowing for easy access from regional hubs such as Singapore and Hong Kong. The island was recently granted city status, which means more funds are being allocated to improve roads, schools, waste disposal programmes and medical services. As a result, an increasing number of expatriates and high-end visitors have bee coming to the island driving demand for luxury villas and developments while more affordable townhouses and apartment complexes have catered to local demand in the form of workers in the service industry and those in search of more affordable options.

With the influx of visitors and expatriates, the housing market has sustained a healthy growth rate with a steady increase in prices and ensuring a strong future market for new and existing investors. While general infrastructure has increased and created better schooling and medical options, entertainment and lifestyle choices has also increased making Samui a friendly and attractive place for families and retirees alike.

As always when seeing to invest in a new location, due diligence and thorough research into the market is strongly advised and with the development and maturing of the housing market and the emergence of a number of large-scale corporate investment ventures, a number of highly qualified international and local property agents such as EP Samui have set up offices on the island and are ready to give unbiased and professional advice.  

After a few years or slower growth, Samui is again on the radar of many international and local buyers and the number of transactions is likely to rise in coming years. The challenge for developers and agents is therefore to remain creative and flexible to cater to an ever-increasing range of prospective buyers. Companies like Horizon Homes provide the kind of properties and services that will ensure future growth.

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