Rentals Koh Samui

Rental villas are now one of the most popular forms of holiday accommodation on Koh Samui with guest demand constantly increasing.

The advantages of renting a private villa include greater privacy, freedom and personalized services. Guests can match their specific needs and requirements, whether by hiring additional staff to cook and serve delicious meals or asking the villa manager to book an indulgent massage to be enjoyed in poolside privacy.

The island’s best villa rental companies make sure the services offered when staying in a hotel or resort are also available to guests who choose to stay in a private villa. A significant growth in the number of villas offered for rent means guests now enjoy a wide variety of options in terms of number of bedrooms, price, location and facilities.

For those not content to stay in and enjoy their villa’s facilities, Koh Samui also offers plenty of attractions and activities. The island is fringed by some of Asia’s best beaches and surrounded by stunning marine scenery, with stunning underwater reefs to explore while snorkelling or diving.

Koh Samui also boasts several inland attractions, including the famous Big Buddha temple, which is popular among locals and tourists, while the legendary Grandmother and Grandfather rock formations on the south coast also provide an interesting side trip.