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TAT Promote Thailand as Medical Tourism Destination

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) will launch its “E-Marketing Campaign for Medical Tourism in Thailand” and website

The marketing campaigns that will run through April 2011 hope to enhance Thailand’s reputation as the “global centre of excellence for medical tourism.”

The website collects and provides information on medical tourism providers in Thailand, including hospitals, clinics, spas, and Thai traditional medicine practitioners and their level of accreditation and standards. So far, more than 340 medical tourism providers are listed on the website. TAT governor Suraphon Svetasreni said, “The online campaign will boost the number of medical tourists as well as increase the average time they stay in Samui. And this will help other tourism-related businesses, such as hotels, spas, and restaurants. All in all, it will benefit all the tourism industry and follow the Thai government’s strategy of promoting Thailand as the ‘Medical Hub of Asia’.”

The three marketing campaigns will start this month. The first, the “Medical Tourism Blogger Contest” campaign, will be officially launched in October. It is a competition for bloggers to promote medical tourism in Thailand with the best invited on medical visits to various places. Prizes are valued at more than USD 25,000 in cash and vouchers.

TAT will launch the “Healthy Beauty Holiday in Thailand” in November. This sales promotion will offer exclusive rates for dental treatments, Lasik corrective surgery, cosmetic surgery, holistic and anti-aging treatments, and medical checkups.
For this campaign, TAT has joined hands with partners, including Royal Orchid Plus (ROP), which will offer 1,000 mileage bonus points when booking medical services under the campaign.

Then, from December 2010, the “You are in Good Hands” campaign will debut and emphasize the credibility and safety of the medical services offered in Thailand.

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