Among Thailand’s best tourist destination is the island of Koh Samui, 30 miles from the east coast of the country. To reach the island, tourists and locals alike have a number of trails to choose from. The following are the ways to get to this tropical haven.

To begin with, you can board an aeroplane and land in Koh Samui Airport in just over an hour. Aside from taking off in Chiang Mai, you can also fly to the island from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Just make sure to take note of the flight schedules from these destinations.

Another way to travel to Samui is through a ferry boat. This mode of transportation normally takes two and half hours during the day and six hours at night. Thus, many make their trips while the sun is still up. For the cruise, you will have to pay around 150 to 350 baht.

Also, trains are another alternative you can try. However, it is highly recommended to buy combination tickets which will include a train to Surat Thani Province, a transfer to the pier, and a boat ticket to the island.

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