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Global Mala Returns to Samui

On September 21st, the people of Koh Samui will gather at Tamarind Springs in Lamai to celebrate and align themselves with positive change. This is the second year for Global Mala Samui, which joins the international Global Mala Project, using yoga-centered events to raise awareness and funds on the United Nations’ International Day of Peace.

The Global Mala Samui 2008 will focus on the theme of sustainable living. How we can use less, recycle more and do less damage to our environment. The event will feature practical demonstrations, workshops for adults and children, eco-products, healthy food, and live music promoting mindfulness, helping to heal our ailing natural environment. The community’s support for the festivals is enormous. In addition to providing prizes and donations, The Samui Spa Association, the Samui Hotel Association, and the TAT southern region, accompanied the Deputy Governor for Policy and Planning of the TAT, Khun Auggapol Brickshawana, will be present to open the Global Mala day.

Funds raised from the Mala last year have supported pilot projects teaching young minds about the environment. Forest walks, snorkeling trips, radio shows and performances have been funded, and plans to continue these programs are already in place. See the website for specific information on events, times and how to book workshops.

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