Listen To The Sound Of The Sea Breeze And Learn About Thai Real Estate

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Speaking of Thailand, people often think of tall coconut trees, beautiful beaches, and a tourist attraction. But in fact, Thailand is not only a tourist paradise but also unique in real estate development. In recent years, Thai-style real estate has become very popular in landscape design and interior decoration. It embodies a casual style that blends with nature and is accompanied by a strong oriental atmosphere.

Thailand beach villa.

Parking lot: big space

In Thailand, land ownership is in the hands of private individuals, but development and construction still have to be unified planning and regulation through the government. Bangkok is a well-known and prosperous city in Asia. The downtown area, land is very costly and there is a tremendous number of cars. Therefore, the lower half of the high-rise building is mostly parking garage, up to the 10th floor. The upper part is the “official” functional building. It eliminates the cost of digging the basement and avoids taking up more land to build a dedicated parking lot.

Urban greening: a full range of green oceans

The greening of Thailand can be described as “spreading” in the streets, wherever the sun is shaded by the “green ocean”. Compared with the “cement forests” in most of our cities, this kind of high and low, green and interesting way is really eye-opening.

The greening of Thai high-rise buildings is unique. Tall trees and dense shrubs are crowded around the buildings. The balconies are dotted with dense and colorful flowers. Even the roof of the high-rise buildings is overlooked by the heights. The city looks dazzling and extremely eye-catching.

Rich greening adds a lot of functional space while adding urban scenery. It is very imaginative to lead people’s outdoor activity space from the ground to the airspace of more than ten meters or even tens of meters. This also reflects the Thai people’s idea of loving green, protecting green, optimizing the ecological environment and aesthetic consciousness.

Villa design: tailored to local conditions

Most of the villas here use bold and unique expressions to respond positively to the tropical climate.

Considering the local climatic characteristics, the villas here have fewer terraces and more pavilions. That is to say, it is quite modest in the setting of the terrace, and often leads to the concept of “kiosk”, which is to add a chic “cover” on the top of the terrace to protect the air and visual transparency. Both aesthetics and efficacy are at the same time, and such kiosks are common in local buildings.

Around the villa, there are often shaped cloisters, and some even have awnings in the parking lot and some of the front yards to form a space. These spaces are designed to suit the local climate. The rainfall is abundant, and the porch is beautifully protected while also sheltering from the rain. This pavilion and gallery setting of the tropical villas in Bangkok has created a more refined space experience and a stronger perspective, with a regional character.

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